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Here is a collection of some of my favorite cake, cookie, cupcake, and frosting recipes – with a few oddballs, like panna cotta, thrown in! Additionally I will be sharing tutorials on how to make edible decorations. We all spend hours perusing the web and cookbooks for that smooth, fluffy buttercream, that wonderfully delicate cake, or that soft and chewy cookie that will impress ourselves and our friends with its perfection. These are some of my personal favorites based on my own preferences.

I’ll tell you right now, I like a slightly dense cupcake or cake…not so fluffy as a box mix, and not as dense as a pound cake. There needs to be a tight crumb, and a pillowy soft mouth feel for this girl to be happy! As far as buttercream, and really any frosting, I can get down with all of them, but what really makes my taste buds happy is a slightly less sweet than commercial varieties, creamy, and fluffy mound of heaven adorning my cakes. Cookies need to be soft and chewy, flavors should be noticeable on first bite but not so strong as to scare anyone away, and decorations can be anywhere from elegant and formal to downright silly.

But, these are just MY preferences, just so you have an idea what these recipes may contain. I will still venture outside of my comfort zones to bring you other flavors, textures, and methods as I value all things dessert equally and know they all deserve the chance to shine!



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