Who’s behind The Sugary?

Hello,  I’m Valerie – self taught baker, decorator, and cupcake enthusiast! I’m a little bit vintage, tattoo addicted, sarcastic, silly, sassy and downright inappropriate at times! I’ve always had an interest in all things sweet and sugary, and an intense enthusiasm to learn how to bake and decorate. Brief Google searches and attempts at basic cake and cookie recipes led to all night YouTube marathons and some serious cookbook collecting. Eventually I was confident enough to make stacked wedding and special events cakes for friends and family, whose support was invaluable to my baking passion. The Sugary was born and grew from a desire to share that kind of support with other bakers and sugar addicts. In addition to sharing tips, tricks, and encouragement, I wanted a platform for my confections to show just what a little bit of hard work can lead to.

My foodie husband has been a pillar of support and a tester for all of my treats. My little boxer bear, Io, is my heart and soul and keeps me company in the kitchen:















I love trying new things, both in the oven and in life, but I also get comfort from the simple things – I’m just as happy with a plain New York style cheesecake slice as I am with a pistachio-lemon dacquoise. As far as I’m concerned, all flavors are my favorite!

Now that you know me a little better, let’s do this baking thing together. Let me know what your favorite dessert is, what tips and tricks you can’t live without, and how you finally conquered (insert dessert here). Contact me with questions and I’ll be sure to give you not only the answer, but the reason behind it. If I don’t know the answer, we will find out together! Happy Baking!



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