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Posted on March 31, 2015 in Cakes and Cupcakes

Let’s talk cakey goodness! Everyone has their preferences, whether it be dense, fluffy, or somewhere in between. I’ve been to bakeries, cupcakeries, and pastry shops galore and every one of them has their own unique cake recipe. Some have been so dense I almost thought I was eating cornbread, others have been light enough for me to questions whether I actually ate anything with my frosting. The main point is this: they are ALL good cake recipes. There is no perfect recipe for everyone, but there is a perfect recipe for you. With that in mind I will be sharing some of my go-to cupcake recipes as well as some that I found to be delicious but didn’t make it into my favorites list. I think its only fair that we give every recipe a chance so that we can find that one special formula that makes each of us happy. As time goes by I will add more and more recipes to the list. Also, please feel free to send me your favorite recipes; I promise to give them a fair shot and may feature some of the more extraordinary recipes in full length posts! 🙂




Cookies & Bars:


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